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Jewels Tower 3D

Jewel Tower 3D is a whole new matching and eliminating game.The arrangement of diverse jewels creates amazing visual effects.It is three-dimensional and amusing.Players won't get stuck in the game and will have sense of achievement that they've never had.There are lots of levels waiting for you to challenge.


Mahjong Pair II Free

Remove all mahjong tiles from the screen, when two matched mahjong tiles have been removed, the mahjong tiles above will drop down to fill up the vacancy. Until all mahjong tiles all are removed,the game is completed.


Mahjong Twin 3D

Have you ever played 3D version Mahjong solitaire matching game? Break through the traditional, create innovative playing rules! the mission is completed when all pairs of tiles have been removed.How fast can you finish it? Try it now!


Pair 2048

Innovative 2048 matching game, Mahjong, Fruit, Poker patterns for you to choose. Swipe up, down, left, right on the screen to move the tiles, when two identical tiles have been arranged together, they will be matched and eliminated. Mission is completed after all tiles have been vanished.


Fruit Eden

Come to Fruit Eden world, pair all of the same fruits, mission is completed after all fruits have been vanished. It's an enjoyable game with simple rules for players of all ages. Enjoy these sweet juicy fruits.


Mahjong Flip

Classic game with abundant creative, it's worth playing, There are several different tiles patterns in every mission, mission is complete after all patterns combination has been removed. If you're looking for a challenge, then join this Mahjong adventure now!



Looking for puzzle? Mahjong Pair is a funny puzzle game. Tap on a tile, and tap on another tile with the same pattern to pair them. When there's no tile can be paired, all tiles will reshuffle automatically.


Memory Trainer

So many delicious donuts in front of your eyes, can you remember them in a short time? The game will rapidly show the desserts positions in the beginning, you have to search all pairs of donuts from your memory.How long will it take you to finish pairing all desserts? Try it now!


Maze Run 3D

Maze Run 3D is a maze puzzle game which has hundreds of missions, first person maze game, various 3D maze will challenge your sense of direction!
Easy to operate! only need to turn left and right to accomplish maze missions,
you will love 3D Maze game from now on.


Don't Hit Chubby

When the bad penguins popping up from the ice cave, you need to use your prompt finger and focused eyes to whack them, otherwise the crafty bad penguins will bully lovely Chubby immediately. It's the exciting action game which can releases the pressure at the same time.


Tap Numbers 100

Which game can trains your reaction, eye finger flexibility, addition calculate ability and brings endless leisure fun? of course this Tap Numbers 100. It's not only trains your reaction but also enhances the mental arithmetic ability during playing! Challenge Tap Numbers 100 with your finger speed now!


Mosaic Tile

The goal of this game is that you have to drag the mosaic given as below to the fill the upper empty squares. Players can also try to rotate the mosaic then drag it to the proper place.


MJ Mission

All new Mahjong rules! Slide 2 tiles to match 3 or 4 into Chow, Pung, Kong. Combine with Chow, Pung, Kong to make Mahjong Missions accomplished. You can choose any challenge level from easy to difficult as you like.


Fruit Pairing

Fruit Pairing is a delicious matching and eliminating fruits game, tap two identical fruits can be paired and removed, if there are no obstacles between them and removing routes must less than two turns.


Fruit Sliding

Slide the fresh fruits from any side easily, match 3 same fruits and get point!
Fruit Sliding is easy to play without skills, which helps you relax!
Fruit Sliding makes your mind clear; it’s the Vitamin C of the brain!


Fruit Route

Use your head! The goal of this game is to connect each pair of fruits with a continuous line. Some levels would need 2 layers to be completed.


Spin Balls

Spin Balls seems like simple rules, but it's not easy to puzzle out! Racking your brains, let's speedsolving the equations! Challenging to complete it in the least time and making the worldwide records.


Chubby Penguin

Chubby Penguin is a well-designed game which is entertaining and gets you into addicted. Easy to play! Use your finger slides up and down on the screen to control the directions of penguin, and avoid the icebergs.


Number Sweeper

According to the number hints around, players need to guess which cubes have number and what the number is. It's no longer likes the tradition rules, show your excellent logical talent! If you like puzzled game, absolutely don’t miss Number Sweeper!


Fruits Tile Puzzles

Different from general puzzle game which just find the edge and corner first; it's tough and challengeable. Use the properly of the photo and reasonable of the tile's lack to find out the correct arrangement. Move or turn the tile to the suitable place and combine for complete picture.


Fruit & Rope

Easily draw a line on the screen to link the same running fruit and gain point!
In this game there are some special challenge levels for you to gain more points! Let's compete with the experts from the whole world!


PuPull Radish

Pluck up the all ripe radishes which quickly grow up from sprout. Once the radishes are ripe, you should pluck them right away. The more radishes you pull up, the higher score you’ll get.


Fruit Clean All

With new design is more fun than ever before! click all the same fruits at a time to eliminate them, interesting hand-painted fruits, classic and mission mode will challenge your react speed.


MindReading Free

The game will show you a magic time by reading someone’s mind! You’ll become the best magician. Mind Reading Magic Free Version.


Fruit Connect

Remove all cards by pairing the same fruits! There should be no obstacles between two pairing cards and the removing route must be less than two turns. No skill! No time limit! Just go and enjoy yourself!


Spin Disk

The goal of this game is to gather the balls with the same color to one disk. You can tap right or left of the disk self or the little circle between disks to make go right or left, and then turn them to the targeted disk.


Number Matrix

Try to use your math logical to solve all the questions, the game can also strengthen your concept of logic, let's play it now!


Fast Sliding

Are you fast enough? welcome to challenge Fast Sliding, it's very simple to play. As per the fast overfly fruits, tap the below fruit keys to get scores, you can choose from easy to difficult levels, try to play it!


Fruit Pair

Remove all cards by pairing the same fruits! There should be no obstacles between two pairing cards and the removing route must be less than two turns. Cards will be shuffled themselves if there are no more pairs.


Fruit Pair 3

All new Fruit Pair is coming! Fruit Pair 3 has new lovely fruits which give you a refreshing atmosphere to play. It has also a new interface which helps you to control fruits easily.