GP-708 with 8 ports GSM/3G/WCDMA VoIP PBX for all systems

GP-708 is a revolutionary and innovative product with Bluetooth Interface built inside the IP-PBX. With this technology you can connect GP-708 by the Bluetooth cell phone. GP-708 is extended to 8 ports of Bluetooth trunk, which can have 8 Bluetooth mobile phone connected. Meanwhile it can be independent from the limitation between frequency and Telecommunication Provider. GP-708 becomes the VoIP PBX support with GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/3G/4G systems. GP-708 is the best solution which is economized and easy to load.


  1. Based on Asterisk
  2. Web based management
  3. Built-in SIP/IAX Server
  4. 8 Ports of Bluetooth trunk
  5. SIP/IAX Extensions
  6. Code: G.711-Ulaw, G.711-Alaw,GSM, SPEEX
  7. Bluetooth Specification V2.0
  8. Bluetooth working range: 10 meters