Bluetooth Wireless Fixed Terminal for 3G/GSM/Skype PSTN/Tel/PBX Trunk

GP-530 uses Bluetooth technology to connect Bluetooth mobile phone with common telephone or PBX. Users can not only get far away from the electromagnetic wave, but also save expenses without changing their habit of using the table phone. Meanwhile, GP-530 has the functions to connect Bluetooth mobile phone with PSTN. That is, incoming PSTN calls can be forwarded via Bluetooth mobile phone. Incoming mobile calls can also be forwarded via PSTN or picked up by table phone.


  1. The database can be set to select the best trunk to dial out from Bluetooth mobile or PSTN automatically.
  2. GP-530 directly pairs mobile phone via Bluetooth. It has nothing to do with telecommunication provider or frequency.
  3. Just using table phone to dial to keep users far away from the electromagnetic wave.
  4. Speed Dial Function.
  5. The calling will be transferred to PSTN automatically when power failure, Bluetooth mobile phone is unpaired or out of range.
  6. Digital volume and gain adjustment.
  7. Local code setting and code add automatically. There is no need for users to change their dialing habit.
  8. Bluetooth pairing and searching automatically.
  9. Transmit high quality voice.
  10. Compatible with GSM/CDMA/3G/3.5G/WCDMA Bluetooth mobile phone.
  11. Using Bluetooth technology, so the connection doesn’t need any wires.
  12. Phone (PBX) can dial out and answer Skype. (Dongle & API have to support VoIP).
  13. 100 sets phone book Speed Dial & memorize.
  14. No need to change the dialing habit to Skype out.
  15. With fixed or free dial function in PSTN forward to Mobile System.
  16. With fixed or free dial function in Mobile forward to PSTN.
  17. The number of rings from 0-9 can be set to forward by Mobile System automatically if the incoming PSTN call is not answered.
  18. The number of rings from 0-9 can be set to forward by PSTN automatically if the incoming Mobile call is not answered.
  19. Dial out from PHONE side can be selected automatically to dial from PSTN or Mobile system by the setting of Database. 30 sets of Route Databases can be set up.
  20. With dial limited function to avoid device seizure in PSTN to Mobile System.