Remote / Local SIM Access to GSM VoIp  

When you are in the UK for business trip, it will become international roaming if the clients in the US call to
your mobile.

How to save international roaming bills: When you are in the UK, use your USA SIM Card with
PC and Card Reader to access GP-630(in the US) by internet so that the SIM can login to the USA GSM System Provider. Therefore, when the client in the US call to your mobile or when you call back from UK, only local call
rate will be charged and then you can save roaming bill. Since you can remote access your SIM Card to GP-630
by internet, there is no need to insert SIM Card into Gateway before go abroad. In the mean time, this solution
sloves the inconvenience of informing every client that you will go abroad before leaving.
With the remote access function, it is not only convenient for remote management, but also saves expensive international roaming bills. Hardware Configuration:
Local SIM Card Access:
Simply insert SIM Card into GP-630
Remote SIM Card Access:
1.Prepare PC and Smart Card Reader, insert SIM Card into Card Reader then plug card reader into PC’s USB port.
2.Connect PC to remote GP-630 by internet.
3.Register SIM to GSM system provider